Inner Tubes: Repair or replace?

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Inner Tubes: Repair or replace?

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In light of the recent "economic downturn" which option do you pick? A puncture repair kit might cost around £5 and will enable you to fix probably 10 or so p**ctures. Sounds like quite a good deal but then you have to factor in the time spent repairing these and are there any issues with using repaired inner tubes? On the other hand you could just throw away each busted tube and use a new one. I recently managed to get 10 tubes, delivered to my door for about £22, which works at at about £2.20 a tube - a damn sight cheaper then the £4.99 a certain well known bike shop wants for each of it's new tubes! I only ask as I've just purchased a new inner tube from previously mentioned shop as I used my spare tube on the way in this morning and can't afford to be late home this evening. My usual tactic is 1 (maybe 2) tubes in bag, if I get a visit from the PF I can then replace and re-inflate at roadside and then worry about wheather to patch up or sling the damanged tube when I get in.

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