Puncture repair problems

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Puncture repair problems

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I've been having a few issues with my puncture repairs recently. After repairing the hole in the tube with a proper puncture repair kit (not the self adhesive things) and checking it has sealed properly (wait a couple of hours, then inflate and submerge in water to ensure no slow leaks), I've installed and inflated the tyre and tube. On a couple of occasions recently, after holding pressure for a couple of days - including a couple of rides - the repair has then failed mid ride with no obvious cause. I've not hit a pothole or caught anything sharp at the time, it's just suddenly deflated. Any idea why this might be? Any way to prevent this from happening? I thought maybe over inflating to start with (up to 140psi or so, instead of the normal 90 I ride at) might simulate the extra pressure of a rider on the bike and give me an idea if it will fail or not. Any help gratefully received

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